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Financial Planning Is A Women's Issue

The reality is that most of us will oversee finances and be charged with the care and well-being of family members at some point in our lives. More often than not, women will take-on these many roles. 

Which is why we at Atlas believe women should be engaged in the planning process. 

Whether you are a man or woman and already manage your finances -- independently, with a partner, or simply understand the importance of gaining financial literacy for yourself or your family, parents or loved ones -- we are here to help.

Welcome to Atlas Wealth Strategies, a boutique financial services firm located in Hopkinton, Massachusetts.  We create personalized wealth strategies for women, couples and families throughout the greater Boston area and beyond.

Atlas was founded by John Galego, a dedicated financial advocate and experienced financial planner.  He and the Atlas Team can help you gain clarity on your needs, prioritize your goals, and empower you to successfully prepare for all of life's financial challenges and transitions.  

In order to provide you the most high quality advice, in advisory relationships we adhere to a Fiduciary Standard which means we place your interests at the center of the planning process, and maintain Transparency as our guiding principal. 

If you are seeking financial advice, we welcome the opportunity to meet with you and share our financial goal planning tools.  In the meantime, please explore our website to gain overview of who we are as a firm, and our philosophy on working with clients.  If you are a client, we hope you will find additional resources that will enhance your financial knowledge and promote conversation with us and your loved ones.