John Galego

John Galego




We are all shaped by experience, and my interest in financial planning was influenced by my parents -- in different ways -- when I was young.

My father was an Attorney and I grew up watching him help people plan and deal with life events.  Unfortunately, one of those life events came too soon in our own family with his early passing.  This left my mother fully in control of her financial life.  During this time, I witnessed first-hand the value of advice and planning, and learned that everyone in a relationship must be fully educated and empowered to handle their financial future.

This became the basis for the Atlas model: Education, Knowledge and Empowerment

At Atlas we believe that Financial Planning is essential for everyone, and especially women. Although many of us oversee finances while managing the care and well-being of family members, more often than not, women will take-on these many roles.  Sometimes by choice, sometimes by circumstance. 

We know that women tend to live longer and be the primary caretaker of children, spouses, and parents.  In addition, women tend to earn less over the course of their careers (think of the gender wage gap, leaving the workforce to have and raise children, and/or take care of elderly parents).  This not only impacts income, savings, and investment, but also social security benefits.   At the end of the day, women may find that they have used all or much of the family resources for others, and have very little left for themselves.  This is why women must be engaged in the planning process, so that they are financially prepared for the future.

To help our clients fully appreciate their current and future circumstances, we create customized plans based on their goals, needs, wants and wishes.  We also help uncover potential issues they may not have thought of and provide possible solutions. 

We welcome the opportunity to work with you.  Contact us today for a Complimentary Consultation or Second Opinion.