"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough."  - Albert Einstein


Our clients know that they come first. Always with your best interest at heart, we work to simplify the complexities in your financial life and give you the financial Knowledge, Empowerment, and Independence you hope to address. Let our years of experience in the financial industry work to help clarify your goals and give your finances a clear sense of direction.


We put you first. At Atlas, we put our clients at the center of all we do, by providing a personalized experience, responsive service, and experienced, professional advice. Throughout the planning process and after implementation we continue to be available to answer questions and help focus that your financial plan remains on track.

We follow a fiduciary standard for your advisory business. We have adhered to a fiduciary standard, which means we act in your best interest at all times and are transparent about costs.


With the myriad of financial services, resources, and advice, even the most organized individual can feel uncertain. The Clarity Advantage breaks the cycle of uncertainty through open, honest communication, and continuous education and guidance. The Clarity Advantage: A 5-Step Process to evaluate our clients needs, deliver a personalized plan, and provide ongoing updates and education.

  1. Discovery - We begin with a conversation. A comprehensive interview designed to thoroughly assess your financial needs and goals.
  2. Report - Utilizing MoneyGuidePro® we provide a concise review of your existing plan, identifying strengths and weaknesses.
  3. Strategies - A presentation of specific, customized strategies to address your individual financial needs and goals.
  4. Implement - A hands-on, step-by-step process to put your plan into action.
  5. Monitoring - A structured process to review your plan and assess progress, as well as ongoing updates and education about the financial industry.


No one can be a specialist on all things. At Atlas, our specialty is in financial planning and advising. However, through our strong network of professional resources we can connect you with the qualified attorneys, accountants, and insurance providers in the area.


The world moves at a very fast pace and it is difficult to keep up with all that is going on around us. We can help bring important matters to your attention that impact your financial health. Whether it be legislative actions, national economics, or business news we can help keep you informed via our website, social media or email. We have alliances with industry leaders such as LPL Financial, Symmetry Partners, American Funds and Pacific Life. We are a local firm, but with our relationships we have deep pockets when it comes to resources.


Atlas Wealth Strategies has worked to create an active network made up of our clients, professional resources, friends, advocates and thought leaders. We promote and encourage a high level of interaction among our peers for support, perspective, advice and fun!


Throughout the year we come together for events with industry professionals on topics suggested by our clients. Recent topics have included: Women in Retirement, Market Volatility, and College Planning, and Caring For An Aging Parent. We all have questions, need guidance and in the hectic pace of life it is difficult to find the time to do all of the learning on your own. Let us make this easier on you by bringing the experienced professionals to you for a presentation and question/answer period. To see our current event lineup, click here.