Long Term Care

Long-Term Care is a Women's Issue

Understanding the need to plan for long-term care is important for everyone, especially women.

Although many of us don't want to talk about it, the majority of us will have to confront a long-term care event at some point in our lives. This is especially true for women who comprise the majority of caregivers and recipients of long-term care.

Why is this the case?

Women are more likely to:

  • Be a caregiver to a spouse, partner or other family member/friend
  • Outlive a spouse or partner
  • Succumb to an illness associated with aging (such as dementia or cancer) which may require more extensive long-term care for a greater period of time

A lack of financial preparedness can compound the stress of care-giving and managing health issues.

Unfortunately, statistics show women are less financially prepared than their male counterparts going into later years, and a Long-Term Care event can greatly exacerbate this fact.

The following highlights facts and figures associated with this dilemma and offers some basic guidance to help you think about and plan for your future Long-Term Care needs.