"It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan." - Eleanor Roosevelt


The first step to develop a plan is simply a conversation.

Choosing a Financial Planner to help you navigate the essential aspects of your financial life is an important and personal decision. We make every effort from our first conversation to gain your trust by listening to your needs, goals, and challenges. For over 16 years, Atlas has helped clients navigate turbulent financial markets and work toward their long-term goals by delivering holistic wealth management plans customized to each client's needs. As an independent firm, we are free from pressure or influence to sell specific financial products, and we are transparent and up-front regarding fees and costs. Our only commitment is to provide objective financial guidance to you.

In our first meeting we will start by discussing your goals, responsibilities, and lifestyle as well as concerns and fears for the future. What do you enjoy doing in your freetime? Are you caring for an aging parent? Are you saving for your children's college tuition? It is only by understanding what your unique lifestyle wishes and realities are that we can begin to discuss building a plan to work toward achieving them. We will then introduce you to Money Guide Pro. This industry leading planning software is where the real planning begins. Clients and their partners are invited to enter goals, wants, wishes, expectations and concerns. For many people this is the first time that they have actually discussed the reality of their picture of retirement.

After this initial conversation we will begin working on a financial plan that is unique to you. It is an iterative process that evolves as information is shared and life happens. It is at this point that we incorporate investment and savings strategies.

Having a relationship based on trust and understanding is the foundation of creating a strong financial plan. Our initial conversation is where that relationship begins.


Atlas Wealth Strategies believes that financial planning is a necessity for everyone. We take holistic approach to account for all facets of your financial life. You will see and understand how individual pieces of your plan -- from a budget, to investments, to an estate, tax, and insurance plan -- work together to forge a path to your goals. We listen, we ask questions and we focus on our clients needs, wants and wishes.

Our planning process includes education on many topics including:

Financial Planning

Whatever your goals and needs are, we can help you gain confidence in your next steps and provide perspective for a long-term plan. 

Budgeting and Savings

We help you organize, understand in an effort to potentially maximize your savings goals. 

Real Estate

We help you understand how your home, investment or rental property plays into your plan.

Insurance Planning

From life insurance to disability coverage and long-term care, we can help you assess and properly manage risk.

Investment Planning

We will manage your investment plan in accordance with your financial goals, personal level for risk, and investment time horizon.


Whether you are working toward retirement and accumulating assets, or about to retire and need to create a retirement income plan, we can help you build a customized strategy.

Estate Planning

We will work with your attorney to establish synergy between your estate plan and investment plan aiming to pass along your assets to whom you choose.


Atlas Wealth Strategies believe that there is not a one size fits all solution to financial planning or how a client prefers to pay for our services. We like to be upfront and transparent about how we are compensated and provide our clients a choice. We can be compensated in one of four ways:

  1. We receive an annual fee based on a percentage of assets that we manage.
  2. We receive a one-time fee for a take-away financial plan. This is generally for those that want a full plan but prefer to implement on their own.
  3. We receive an hourly rate based on a very specific planning need. This is for those that need our expertise in one or two special situations such as a divorce or financial windfall.
  4. We receive a commission based on an investment or insurance product that we sell, such a mutual fund or life insurance policy. The commissions are always disclosed upfront.