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Why People Work With Us

Most of us feel we can handle our finances, especially when young and starting out. But as life goes on and becomes more complicated we may wonder: Am I saving enough? Do I know enough to make smart choices to meet my goals? While we recognize the value of planning in other parts of our livesso many put off creating a written financial plan until a major life event takes place. 

Life by Design, Not by Default.  Do you tend to be reactive or proactive?  Waiting too long may leave you at a disadvantage. Without a plan for your future, you may be forced to react and make quick decisions with limited information and fewer solutions.  Planning ahead with informed strategies puts you in the driver's seat to take charge of your decisions. 

Life Through the Eyes of a Financial Planner.  As you think about the future, do specific life events and financial turning points dot the horizon? For most, the answer is, 'no'.  Many of our clients come to us after a major life event has occurred or when they question if they are on track for retirement.  It is never too late to meet with an advisor, but the sooner you recognize common waypoints in the journey of life, the more likely you will reach your desired destination. As your trusted advisor, we help illuminate the path before you. 

Better Questions Can Yield Better Results.  When you work with us, we know what questions to ask, to help you look beyond your immediate need and build a foundation for a stronger future.  Sometimes "you don't know what you don’t know", which may leave you exposed to unforeseen risks. We recognize that everyone's situation is unique, so we take time to listen, and provide thoughtful guidance to prompt the next question.  With your goals clearly identified in a written plan, you are less likely to be pulled off track when a life event does occur -- expected or unexpected. Financial waypoints for seeking help or a second opinion can include: 

Becoming A Parent

Should I Purchase Life Insurance, Save For College? 

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Buying A Home

How Much Debt Should I Take On? 

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Marriage Or Divorce

How Should Assets Be Invested and Divided? 

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Sudden Influx of Cash

Should I Pay Down Debt, Invest, or build a savings nest egg? 

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Caring for an Aging Parent or Loved One.  

How will I handle the time and cost of caregiving?

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Do I have enough to retire? Will I Run out of money?  

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No matter what stage of life you are in or where you are on the financial spectrum, by working with a trusted advisor, you can gain a broader perspective to make informed decisions and make the most of what you have.

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