A Week in the Life of a Financial Advisor

A Week in the Life of a Financial Advisor

May 05, 2023

I was doing some reflective work over this past week on conversations had with clients, friends, and prospects. As I started to write these down, I was struck at the breadth and depth of all the different topics. It got me thinking about what I do as a financial advisor and what we do as a financial planning firm. Most people think all we do is investing (which is certainly a big part). Beyond investing, it is so much more. Just to give you an idea, here is a list of the topics and conversations from this past week: 

  • Should I buy or lease a car? 
  • How can I afford a new house? 
  • I’ve just inherited money, now what should I do with it? 
  • A loved one has suddenly passed. 
  • How do I pay for college tuition? 
  • Bank failures and what this means for me and my money. 
  • Is a ROTH conversion right for me? 
  • Starting investment accounts for our young children. 
  • How to financially plan for a long-term illness. 

The truth is, this past week was no different from any other week. And these questions and topics are ones that we help clients solve every day. While we help our clients invest their money wisely, we are focused on the “why” or purpose around those investments. Each one of these topics touches on an investment opportunity and strategy that requires a deep understanding of our client’s needs, time frame, risk profile and individual preferences. There is no one size fits all answer or approach.  

The next time you find yourself with a financial question or situation that you need help with, reach out to us. Chances are we’ve helped someone solve the same problem and we can help you too!